Returning to My Second Home

The thought of visiting Nepal again for the New Year period was exciting enough. However, this time I was taking my father (baba) with me and I was thrilled to be able to share my love for Nepal with him. I wanted baba to see exactly why I had been so drawn to this magnificent country in the first place. I definitely achieved that mission – and I did so with ease.


Each day we were there brought forth a whole new adventure. We were always learning new things and being continually amazed and humbled by the kindness and beauty of the people of Nepal. We were able to see and experience both city and village life while we were there. These two vastly different ways of life share but one common denominator – HAPPINESS! Simple living, simple thinking!


Our original plan was to meet friends in Pokhara to celebrate the New Year together. Whilst there we also met the most amazing people whom we know will always be a part of our lives. We were completely showered by kindness.


An unforgettable moment for us both was being invited to attend the Gurkha Intake 2015 Attestation Parade. We were truly humbled to see those proud parents and family members. It was an amazing experience. Joining the British Army has not just changed the young boys’ lives but also the lives of their families. Congratulations.


But by far our proudest moment while in Nepal was the opportunity to visit the ex-Gurkha Residential Home in Kaski. From the moment I met some of the residents, I was inspired and determined to do more to help and support the Gurkha Welfare Trust. We should never forget what these brave men have done for our country. They deserve the same recognition just as our own soldiers who fought bravely alongside them…


And there it was, a brand new idea, borne of this amazing and memorable trip - something to commemorate 200 years of service to the Crown..

More information coming soon!