Why Parampara?

Parampara – it’s a name that immediately arouses curiosity. It was also ideal for the new business as it is a Nepali term meaning culture and tradition. This seemed like an ideal way to refer to the business since it will also incorporate my own familiarity with highland culture and tradition.

In essence, Parampara will bring together two distinct influences – my own highland experience and also the Nepalese culture and the traditions the people there have grown up with. I have immense respect for both and it is exciting to create something new that marries these two areas into one cohesive whole. I love celebrating the Nepalese festivals and I hope these influences shine through in the finished products that will become a staple at Parampara.

There is a real passion behind the range of cashmere products on sale through Parampara. Feel that passion today as you find out more about the business.