Joanna Lumley Supports Parampara

Everyone is familiar with Joanna Lumley through her many television appearances. She has become well-known through her tireless support of and close connection with the Gurkhas as well.

Since I have taught Gurkha recruits from Nepal through my position as a language teacher, it was suggested to me that I write to Joanna to see if she would support my business. She had already met with my students in London and her support of the Nepalese Gurkhas is well-known.

Joanna’s response has been wonderful. She is keen to wear the cashmere products imported from Nepal and sold by Parampara, and is delighted to endorse them. I could not have hoped for a better brand ambassador for the Parampara range than Joanna. Having someone supporting the business who is already so well-known both in the public eye and with her dedication to the Gurkhas is definitely a huge boost.