Our Story

Parampara is a luxury cashmere company based in North Yorkshire. We design and make fine cashmere clothing and home accessories in our factory in Kathmandu. This is how it all started…

Parampara founder Claire is a language teacher at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, working with Gurkha recruits who arrive annually in the UK for their initial training. Amazed by the gratitude and kindness of her students, and their wonderful stories of Nepal, Claire decided to visit their homeland in December 2013.

Within a few days of arriving, Nepal had won her heart - by its beauty, people, food, colours and of course the culture. It was everything her students had described and more. In addition, Claire was utterly amazed by the skill of local craftsmen; the detail put into each item was outstanding.

Within a week of returning from her travels Claire began to organise her next trip to Nepal. This time she spent three weeks researching Nepalese cashmere; visiting factories and talking to craftsmen and women to find the highest quality cashmere and the most talented handloom weavers. So there it was, Parampara was born.